I See Myself

Our Father, the Creator, God of the universe, King of all kings, and Lord overall, when He created us was satisfied with His handy work. In fact, the Bible refers to us as His masterpiece.

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.

Ephesians 2:10

So who do you say that you are?

How we see ourselves and others is a reflection of how you see God. However, when we are at our lowest moments, our moments of self-hate, or low self-esteem, the God factor is not necessarily in our thoughts. Or when you see someone who does not look the way the world defines beauty, when in our minds they lack, the God of creation is not top of mind. So, for me, I have grown into an awareness that I am who God made me be. I am all that I am designed for. I am who He says I am. I am not a look, I am a Soul. My beauty is not in my body, it is in my Soul, heart, and mind. It is in my character, the way I view the world, and how I make others feel. My beauty is in the way I live in His light, pursue His divine purpose and reflect His goodness to those I encounter.

I see myself through God's eyes. I see myself...

  1. As a Masterpiece

  2. Whole

  3. Capable

  4. Smart

  5. Purpose-driven

  6. Loving

  7. Wealthy

  8. Kind

  9. Honest

  10. Chosen by God for an appointed time

  11. As a child of God

  12. With the mind of God

  13. Worthy

  14. Valued

  15. As royalty, Daughter of the King of kings

  16. Lowly, not greater, or least of any

  17. Called to serve

  18. Traveling the world and beholding His greatness

  19. As someone who matters

  20. As a force, a positive force

  21. As I am, God made and God-designed.

How do you see yourself, the God-created Soul that you are?

How we see ourselves can only be rooted in how we perceive God.

Coach Racquel


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