Love Is... No.11 #20IndicatorsofLove

Strength, to me, means presence, support, sacrifice, brave and open.

God is faithful. I learned in counseling that your family are the people you choose to have relations with. I don't know that I have chosen anyone, that is probably the problem. I don't think I have the gift of selecting the best people. I do not know, however, I have been taken in by so many. For this I am so very, deeply grateful.

I dedicate this to the amazing woman who has been my strength. Al, you have taught me love. You have cared for me like I have seen mothers care for their babies. You have been my rock here on earth. I love you with my whole heart and you love me right back, you were the first love I felt secure in. Your love is the only one I am absolutely sure of. You are the only person I feel safe loving and expressing it completely and without fear. My anxiety is quieted when I am with you. Thank you for being my strength #mylove

Love is... strength!

Strength \ ˈstreŋ(k)th , ˈstren(t)th

the quality or state of being strong : capacity for exertion or endurance. 2 : power to resist force : solidity, toughness.

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