Love Is... No.13 #20IndicatorsofLove

Seeing the best in me, to me, means understanding my humanity, authenticity, valuing the purpose of God in me and honest desire.

If you are anything like me, someone who simply did not know what love was, I want to share this with you. If you do not know the definition of the word love, or you are unclear of what it should look, feel, taste, smell or sound like, remember this one.

Love SEES the BEST in you. I call it the God in me.

I am who I am. Who you perceive me to be and the meanings and interpretations that you lend to that, is completely and absolutely about you.

As humans, we have become so domesticated that many of us are incapable of recognizing the distortions in the realities that we create. We then project those distorted perspectives on other people. Love those people and have pity on them. See the best in them and understand the brokenness. We are all guilty of this to some degree.

May you experience the kind of love that sees the best in you. I am so very thankful for those in my life who loves me this way.

Seeing the best in people doesn’t necessarily have to be naive. It simply means, seeing the better side of people and work with that. Because people are multi-dimensional beings. A downright horrible husband could be a wonderful father in his own right. A friendless miser could be a dedicated entreprenuer. A foul-mouth debbie downer could be the best critic you’ll ever know. That annoying friend you have that won’t shut up? Imagine how good s/he’ll be in sales.

Every vice comes with it’s laurels and every strength comes with a weakness. When someone tell you to see the best in people. They ask you to look at a person wholly and compassionately, with all their bad points and to take extra care not to leave out their good points either.

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