The Three Powers In Listening

Let me start this off by saying that today will be a good day. I woke up to the birds chirping and the sunrise glistening on my window panes. I know God is in this place. He resides with us. I feel so very blessed, in a humbling kind of way. So I'd like to tell you that today will be a good day. Good day to you!

What is listening?

I believe listening is a tool. It is a strategy. Listening is a medium through which we gain insight into the people around us, our families and friends, co-workers and others. Listening is a connector. It connects us with people, the universe and with God. Listening is the power to glean.

The Three Powers In Listening

ONE. Respect

The power of respect that is gleaned from listening comes when the speaker feels heard, understood and validated. Not only do we show our loved ones and the people we interact with that we respect their voices when we listen, we also give them an opportunity to respect us.

TWO. Process

The power to process that is gleaned from listening enables us to come into the mindfulness of the dialogue. Instead of rushing to an interpretation and reacting to your own conclusions, when you listen you are able to truly digest what is being said. When you take time to process the information, you are better able to assess your own feelings and desires about it, and will be better able to determine if a conversation is even worth your time, energy and mental investment.

THREE. Acceptance

This perhaps is the most potent of the three. The power of acceptance empowers you. When you listen you can simply accept what is, because listening brings clarity. You get to identify, decide and choose your desired outcome from the conversation and relationship. Because it is said, does not mean an agreement must be formed. Until you have listened to understand, what is desired in return cannot be successfully produced.

Today's tip:

Who says that we have to take a position when words are spoken? Why do we have to agree or disagree, why can't it just be that it was said?

Coach Racquel

Have a good day!

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Written by Coach Racquel, all rights reserved.

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