Who Is An Entrepreneur?

An Entrepreneur, yes, with a capital 'E'. An Entrepreneur is a risen leader who will bring about advancement within their community, society and world. Although many times misunderstood, undervalued and neglected, Entrepreneurs solve problems we didn't know that we had, or foresaw coming. An Entrepreneur is a leader.

How is an Entrepreneur a leader?

A leader is someone who brings into reality, or existence, something that did not exist before.

Entrepreneurs are starters, doers, carriers of vision, builders of dreams, generators and initiators. Entrepreneurs endure the pain of bringing about new solutions and remedies.

Now, ask yourself... Am I an Entrepreneur?

Here are my top 10 qualities of an Entrepreneur:

ONE. An Entrepreneur is equipped with an inner motivator. He or she is self driven and no one needs to usher them into action. He or she is proactive.

TWO. An Entrepreneur is a creator. Building, molding, forming and creating a new prospective tool is a constant thought and action for entrepreneurs.

THREE. An Entrepreneur is a problem solver. Entrepreneurs appreciate and value problems. They know these are new opportunities to create and bring about value for people.

FOUR. An Entrepreneur is a risk taker. Without risks, there is little pleasure in winning. Risk stimulates an excitement that drives desire in people who are creative and innovative.

FIVE. An Entrepreneur is an innovator. One of the realities an Entrepreneur faces, oftentimes, is lack of support from the people around them; and here is why... you are the only one who has the ability to feel the excitement, understand the power and see the potential of this great NEW thing God has CHOSEN to use you as a vessel to bring into existence. When you are the vessel for the birth of greatness, chances are you will be on your own to a certain extent.

SIX. An Entrepreneur is required to be an opportunist. This does not mean that you must become opportunistic; however, you must have the know-how to spot a good opportunity, grab it and run with it.

SEVEN. An entrepreneur is a breakdown specialist. He or she does not lament at a problem, nor become the center of its mist, no. An Entrepreneur is a disruptor, and knows that by virtue of this he will influence breakdowns.

EIGHT. An Entrepreneur is purpose-driven. A creator, developer, leader otherwise known as an Entrepreneur, who has not come into the knowledge of God's will for his or her life has the potential to become a menace to his society. Purpose attracts favor and ingenuity. He or She will be like a trapped soul tied up in the misery of his or her own potential. They must seek help!

NINE. An Entrepreneur is a misfit. They are bound to stand out. The call of entrepreneurship can be a very lonely road. It pulls you out of a crowd and highlights the problems and breakdowns therein, for which your innovation will offer a solution.

TEN. An Entrepreneur is an originator. To learn what an originator is, you may want to take my Udemy course, Learn Your Ideal Customer. As an Entrepreneur, you have the gift of creating and birthing something NEW.

How do you succeed and thrive as an Entrepreneur?

To truly benefit from the gift of being an Entrepreneur, you have to learn the principles and vulnerabilities that will empower your win or lead to your fail. In our next article which is coming next week, we will look at The Principles of Successful Entrepreneurship, followed by 10 Reasons You Will Fail.

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"You are an Entrepreneur by default" Coach Racquel

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