"Your Greatness Is In Your Brokenness." Coach Racquel

As a child, Coach Racquel endured the countless challenges of poverty first-hand, which ultimately shaped her into the compassionate, courageous individual she is today. Later on in life as an entrepreneur, she has experienced setbacks, hard times and disheartening experiences, including being pushed out of two of her business which she created from conception to profitability. She has endured tremendous loss and public failure, bouts of depression and extreme poverty.  And in overcoming such hardships, she has become adept at helping others avoid these and other pitfalls of career and life and step into their best versions possible.

A proven strategist, Racquel is currently a beneficiary of the eCornell, Bank of America Women’s Entrepreneurship at Cornell University, a graduate of Career Coaching Institute; the world’s first and leading Career Coach training company, dubbed the Harvard of career coach training institutions. Here she earned her Certified Career Coach Certification. She earned her B.A. degree in Mass Communication from Northern Caribbean University. She also obtained multiple certifications, including Career and Life Coaching, Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing, Innovative Thinking and Writing IACET Certificates.


Above all, with over 15 years of leadership experience, she is a true advocate of positive change in the 21st century -- helping individuals and companies achieve their goals.

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"Consolidate, collaborate and monetize." Coach Racquel

My Coach Ministry was birthed out of the need for Success Coaching in the African community, although we offer services to everyone who seek our support. Growing up in what was dubbed, a third-world and developing country, has taught me one thing, poverty is a state of mind. We believe that poverty is the result of a conditioning and education that disenfranchises people on one spectrum, and on the other, a pathway to purpose used by God to prepare and empower each of us for purpose. Poverty is not final, nor is it fatal. We are not what we have or do not have, we are our thoughts, stories and paradigms. Therefore we have the power to become whoever and whatever we choose and commit to. Coach Ministry wants to be a safe place for individuals to establish and build their brands in order to make their mark in this world and achieve their dreams.

What We Do
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Serving Individuals -- Enhancing clients' job satisfaction through the discovery of their Authentic Vocation.

Career Discovery & Design


Connect people with a deeper level of motivation than "just a job;" clients discover their passion and purpose to guide their decisions, empowering them to choose work they love, make a good living and still have a balanced life. This is a 4-Step process: intake session, life purpose, values and motivators & interest

Job Search Marketing Plan 

Improve clients' ability to market and sell themselves in the job market regardless of economic conditions by helping them to establish themselves as an asset and not a merely just another worker. This is a 6-Step Process: uncovering knowledge, skills and abilities; work experience; job/career target (2 parts), ideal work environment, “Business reality”, Authentic Vocation Profile & Job Search Plan

Career Transition and Entrepreneurs Program

Increase individual potential for career growth and future earning power and assist clients in becoming "career self-reliant," taking control and ownership of their own career development. This is a 12-Step process: brand identity, job search tools, software, and tracking, branding yourself online, resume(s), company research and interview prep, interviewing prep, strategies to access unpublished opportunities (offline & online), using recruiters – and/or other published avenues, fielding offers, negotiating your package and setting your course for next steps in career management.

Serving Companies -- Promote a win-win balance of work/life priorities, using the desired states of both individual and organization as benchmarks

Employee Assessment & Referral Program

Increase the companies alertness to detect potential and current employee's readiness, compatibility and authentic desire to achieve 'right person/right job' fit. This includes assessing the candidates' core values, motivators and interests to ensure they are harmonious with the values and mission of the company.

Productivity and Output Management Program

Assist clients in getting results-driven employees by unearthing candidates' capacity to meet the current needs of the company. This includes connecting clients with candidates whose soft, hard and transferable skills meet the current need of their organization based on targets and expected outcomes.

Retention and Asset Development Program

When an employee shows up an asset, treat them like one. Assist clients in creating a strong collaborative stakeholder relationship with their staff. This includes maintaining a growth culture to attract and retain high performing candidates to ensure growth and future earning power for both.

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