Finding Happy



Finding Happy, which started as a podcast, is about helping people transform their minds in order to connect with their own authenticity, to create possibilities and opportunities for happiness.

Finding Happy Radio Show will help people understand how their thoughts affect their lives, cultivate favorable outcomes and avoid harboring negative energies and give listeners an insight into how what they do is a reflection of their subconscious minds, and help them understand how to re-program the mind to attract what they want, consciously.

Success Plan



Two weeks after completng the Mindfulness In Ministry Masterclass program, Keith Marrett started his own program, the 12 Month Success Plan otherwise called the BrandShare. This program helps entrepreneurs in four areas of business, Establishment, Development, Registration and Promotions of your brand or business.

The program which has been tremendously successful, currently has FIVE registered members who have started their own programs, successfully as well.

"I would highly recommend this program." Keith Marrett

MiM Masterclass



Coach Ministry has established a partnership with Record Label Executive and Career Entrepreneur, Minister Karl Marrett to establish the Mindfulness in Ministry Masterclass. MiM Masterclass is a mindfulness training program aimed at increasing students' self awareness to leverage what they have and achieve success.

Our current courses, now available on UDEMY includes:

1. Learning Personal Branding for Ministry

2. Learn Your Ideal Customer

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