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Ask Coach Racquel

I believe that nothing is personal. Everything is a matter of perspective, preference, and purpose. If you are ready for a chance to live a better life experience, if you need help to unearth potential, shift paradigm, or make better choices, let's talk about it. Also, are you looking for funding opportunities for your business? Check out our blog or send us your inquiry so that we can help you access funding opportunities. Ask!

My Story

I am a serial entrepreneur. Everyone who knows me knows this. I am always on a “project” some would say. In 2016 my life got flipped upside down. Everything I worked for was stolen and taken from me. I was below zero. I had no family home to run to. I had no husband or fairy godmother. I remember sending out an SOS to everyone on my WhatsApp and although some people promised to help me raise money for legal aid, no one came through. I was broken, but I kept working. 


A stranger, whom I had recently met for potential dating, was inspired by my attitude and decided to help me open a new business. He had only met me for 5 minutes one night, but he was willing to put up his own money to help a stranger. What was meant to be a for-profit venture, became a charitable project I operated for one year. This led to me up-taking therapy and coaching. And then, I discovered my gift to help people through successful coaching. When I told people around me about this newfound wisdom, almost everyone said “Oh we already knew that happy you see it now.” I was like, what?!


My perspectives changed, so my paradigms changed and every time I learned a new lesson, my life changed. Now, as a Divine Purpose Investor, I want to help others overcome paralyzing mindsets to achieve transformative success. Ask me anything, but be ready for the answer! READ FULL BIO

Email, DM, Text or Call

Use one of the following channels to send me a message, or our live chat at the bottom right corner of the website:

WhatsApp: +1201 503 6731

Text/Voicemail: +201 503 6731

Instagram: @mycoachministry

Facebook: @mycoachministry

TikTok: @mycoachministry

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