Enhancing clients' work satisfaction through the discovery of their Authentic Vocation. Promoting a win-win balance of work/life priorities, using the desired states of both individual and organization as benchmarks.  Working with people who are ready, ready to build a legacy, establish a brand and own your labor.




We're on a mission to help ONE MILLION individuals transform their lives through discovery of purpose, strategic planning and brand positioning by leveraging your infinite potential to obliterate all the obstacles standing between you and your God-appointed success.



Through Mindfulness Training, Success Coaching and Transformational      Conversations, we will work with you to generate cutting-edge ideas, and create new perspectives to achieve the lifestyle you want through the fulfillment of purpose to profit.




We take our network seriously. A huge part of what we do is building a network of stakeholders to empower our client-base and increase our impact. Our projects include partnerships with Udemy - Mindfulness In Ministry Masterclass, Entrepreneurs Aloud and more!


"I would highly recommend this program. It was extremely impactful to me in a positive way. I had many new discoveries... I love the flow of the program . It is comfortable for me to navigate and the information is informative." Keith Marrett, Creator of the 12 Month Success Plan - USA

"The experience was wonderful. I would definitely do it again. My experience was enjoying every 4 hours as if it was my last. I experienced God in a way. It’s helped me understand God as a man of strategy and wisdom." Steven Santora, Wellness Coach -- USVI

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