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The Triple "P"s That Trip Us Up


How do you use the Triple "P"s?

When you pray what do you say?

Pay attention to your words, not so much on what you want. If you say the right words, you will surely get what you want.

When you play what is your stay?

When you stay in the game you have a place, position or a shot. Playing gives you a fighting chance, an opportunity.

When you pay what do you gain?

Paying gives you freedom, access and a claim. Focus on what you receive and less on what you give. If you are truly getting what you desire, it will be worth the cost.

You cannot win without them

You must learn and understand the value of Praying, Paying and Playing. Without them, it is impossible to achieve any kind of success. You must first understand each term, then leverage them to gain.

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"There is power in your pain" Coach Racquel

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